Letecké služby Hradec Králové a.s.



Office facilities rental

Letecké služby Hradec Králové Inc. offers office facilities for ren in building no. 154. This building is sutated in non-public area of the airport.

- price for 1m sq. - 250,- Kč/month without energy and water

- internet and IP phones instalation available

- small kitchen, briefing room and a club available

- toilets, shower

- building is secured by alarm system

- possibility of installing alarm system into each room

   instalation of the system into 1 office - 2800 Kc (without VAT) + 100 Kc per month

- building has gone through a general reconstruction

More information Ing. Mrkvica / GSM: +420 733 652 284 or e-mail: tomas.mrkvica@lshk.cz


Places to build your own hangar


More information Ing. Rind / GSM: +420 733 603 168 or e-mail: pavel.rind@lshk.cz