Letecké služby Hradec Králové a.s.



Basic Airport information

Airport Operator: Letecké služby Hradec Králové a.s.

Airport category: Public domestic, private international category 2B

RWY: 33R/15L - 2400 x 60 m concrete

           33L/15R  - 800 x 25 m grass

Taxiway: concrete, asphalt 15m wide, TWY C - 60m wide with stand

Freqency: 122,005 MHz, Král Info

Altitude: 241m/791ft

Position: 4 km NE from city center 50°15´15" N - 015°50´43" E

Type of the navigation: VFR day/night

Movement area strenght: PCN 33 R/B/X/T

Fuelling: upon request 24 hours in advance

            - AVGAS 100LL

            - JET A1 (Pressure and Gravity)

Operation time of AFIS:

                                      MON-FRI (DURING SUMMER TIME) 0600-TE

                                      MON-FRI (DURING WINTER TIME) 0700-TE

                                      SAT, SUN, HOL (DURING SUMMER TIME) 0700-TE (MAX 1830)

                                      SAT, SUN, HOL (DURING WINTER TIME) 0800-TE

Night flights: VFR night operations O/R 24H 24 hours in advance

Single use of landing at night: O/R 24 hours in advance

Customs clearance: O/R 24 hours in advance

Safety equipment: CAT2 (FIRE CAT 3-7 On request 24 hours in advance)

Aircraft hangar space: Upon request. Middle apron is available in case of  short or long stay.

Contacts: e-mail:     office@lshk.cz

                office no: +420 491 619 011

                Handling: +420 731 658 193

Contact person: Ing. Pavel Rind ( GSM +420 733 603 168 - 24HRS AVBL)